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About us

Dezhou Hansong engineering machinery equipment co., LTD. Mainly operating excavators, small wheeled excavator, small roller, mini excavators, crawler excavators and other engineering machinery equipment.
The company is located in yucheng city in shandong province high-tech development zone, south according to the provincial capital jinan, tianjin, Beijing, the geographical position is superior, the huge space for development.
The products of the company existing various models for small small and medium-sized excavators, rollers, sales, wholesale all kinds of excavator parts, our company all products support customization, OEM OEM services.
Companies adhere to the market as the guide, supported by science and technology, management as the guarantee of basic principle, to provide customers with high performance, high quality, high credibility of excavator, small roller as the eternal pursuit of goals.
We look forward to working with



Contact: Mr.Li

Phone: 13792249568 15624275212

Tel: 0534-6150088

Email: hansongjx@163.com

Add: Dezhou Economic Development Zone, Shandong

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